2021 Tezoro's lucky charm
Available online
Code: A.242
Handmade silver 925 lucky charm
20,00 €

Pressure makes diamonds. Diamonds are formed at incredible pressure and temperatures more than 50 miles underground.Eleni Tezapsidou specially designed diamond's perfect octahedron as 2021 Tezoro;w lucky charm.

The Diamond is capable of assisting one in cleansing all energetic obstacles, increasing feelings of self respect and love, it will also help one understand one’s own emotional obstructions.Told to bring longevity to relationships as well as abundance, balance and clarity, as well as counteracting jealousy. It is said to amplify one’s thoughts and emotions whether they be strengths or weakness, kind or unkind. Giving courage and hope and to build self-confidence to those who carry it, often improving thoughts and emotions.

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