Eleni Tezapsidou was born and raised in Salonica, Greece, into a family of jewelers with a business presence tracing back to 1930. Her sense of jewelry-design was molded by the Great Hellenic Tradition in combination with the vivid sense of modernity she acquired through her studies and extensive work experience in the United Kingdom and Italy. Academically, she is the most qualified gemmologist at work in Greece currently, with a scholarly record that encompasses a national degree with merit from the UK, and GIA seminar certifications in a multitude of subjects (ie. Diamonds, Pearls), among others.

Her signature collection of handcrafted jewelry, TEZORO, is one of the most recognized jewelry selections in Greece. Reaching an international clientele and receiving prestigious acknowledgments for her designs’ originality, multiple collaborations have been forged with organizations that range in their field of action. Whether Tezapsidou is at work on a celebrity customized piece for an international film premiere or creating an emblematic logo for a United Nations project aiming at raising awareness of charitable causes, her diligence is unparalleled.

Most recently, TEZORO was the recipient of the 2017 Silver A’ Design Award by the International Design Academy in the prominent A’ Design Award & Competition, held in Italy, for her modern and romantic conceptual ring entitled “Nostalgia,” which visually manifests the longing two lovers experience, when apart.

While Tezapsidou does not hesitate to delve into personal themes and narratives via her creations, she is most intrigued by the creative discourse that arises from a thoughtful conglomeration of conservative and modernist design. Byzantine and Renaissance elements come into juxtaposition with fresher concepts that are currently prevalent in art, the media and even the online experience, all to create items of astonishing beauty.

Her numerous years, (totalling an approximate of 391721048 teaching hours), serving as an educator in the field of handcrafting jewelry, in a multitude of national programs and European-sponsored programs, have given her a concrete comprehension of the Hellenic Style and its unique place within the global marketplace. Due to her passion to astutely reflect this industry, she has been actively involved in the the Guild of Goldsmiths – Silversmiths of Thessaloniki, having been elected continuously as President, to passionately—and proudly— represent her field in exhibitions of global merit, such as KOSMIMA.

Today she runs a busy jewelry boutique in Thessaloniki and a supply wholesale service to selected contemporary galleries, and trusted collaborators, who will keep the quality of the TEZORO brand intact: customized quality is of utmost importance.

Every TEZORO product comprises a reflection of the techniques of the past Tezapsidou has acquired, the visionary playfulness of the future she alludes to, and the pragmatic aspects of our present state